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Specialised Expertise in Asia

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Asia Experience

Our Principals have long established, first hand experience of doing business in Asia. We understand the importance of local knowledge allied to global standards and pride ourselves in strong networks and deep operating knowledge built over many years in the region.

We are Lion City Capital

Lion City Capital is a private investment company based in Singapore. We seek to acquire independently sourced, under-appreciated assets and companies and actively apply our deep market, technology and risk management experience to optimize investment returns.  We help young companies scale and mature companies refocus by empowering best in class management teams.

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Applied Science meets Applied Capital

Lion City Capital operates at the intersection of the old and new economies.  We leverage deep expertise in the logistics, production, storage and distribution of raw materials and seek to harness and apply disruptive technologies to inefficiencies and traditional processes.


We combine a strong IP protection approach with deep regional relationships to ensure the secure commercial application of new technologies to companies in the region.  The Lion City team combines computer science, engineering and financial expertise with capital and a strong regional network to deliver a rapid evaluation and exploitation of the commercial potential of a new product or business model.


Specialised Applied Industrial & Technology Expertise

We have more than 25 years experience with industrial and technology assets and companies and actively apply our deep market and risk management experience and operational insights to optimize investment returns.

We invest at the intersection of old industries and new and seek to apply technology to our businesses wherever possible.  Leveraging IP changes the way we do things.

Lion City industrial areas of focus include shipping & logistics, energy & base metal production & processing, power generation & storage and agri-tech.  We are invested in parallel in the technologies that we believe will disrupt and change those industries.  



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Investment Strategy

We are results and solutions focused investors. We take an entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach to investing at Lion City Capital. We seek to source under appreciated opportunities and work with like-minded partners, together with whom we can apply our strengths, join forces and responsibly create value.

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